Andrea Terrones

I am a dancer, healer, mother, lifelong apprentice and chaser of transformation and depth.  A passion for healing and helping others has always driven my life — I recognized it as my calling from a young age. Along with this calling, a wide range of life experiences have shaped who I am: growing up in Mexico as part of a bicultural and bilingual home, earning a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, extensive world travel, commitment to a spiritual path and creating multiple businesses.  As a result of these experiences, I am able to readily reach out across cultures and remain open to a broad array of approaches.


More than any other facet of healing and nurturing, I have always been fascinated by childbirth. I strongly believe that the way in which we are born —our passage from womb to world— represents the first step in shaping who we will become. Since I moved to Canada in 2014, I have dedicate myself fully to my healing practice after completing the Holistic Doula Certificate at Pacific Rim College.

After becoming a doula and practicing in this field for some time I realized from my experience with clients and friends that there is a very big piece missing in our birthing culture – mothering the mothers. I believe that as a modern culture we have created great spaces and knowledge to support women during pregnancy and birth. However, I have witnessed that after the birth little, if any, attention is placed on the mother’s healing process.  As I witnessed mothers struggling with their physical and mental health years after giving birth, I decided to shift the primary focus of my practice to one where I can help women heal and have a smooth transition into motherhood.  I also believe that the best care for a baby will come from a healthy and supported mother.

Since then I have been on a continual path of learning from amazing healers who have given me the tools I need to provide this support.  I am passionate about recovering traditional healing methods, especially from Ayurveda, Traditional Mexican Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  These schools have all developed specific methodologies for postpartum care and women’s health and I have witnessed in my own healing process how powerful these traditions are.  Many of the skills and practices I have learned are not specific for postpartum but are very powerful healing tools for women’s reproductive health, which is why I have extended my vision to work with women outside of the birthing process. These practices can be especially helpful for fertility, menstrual issues, menopause or even for postpartum recovery years after giving birth.

Teaching has also become a passion of mine.  I strongly believe that a way of reconnecting with our own healing wisdom is through education.  In my workshops, courses and retreats I like to weave all the different traditions and modalities I have studied to offer a wide array of knowledge and self-care tools.  I also incorporate movement and dance as I believe movement is a powerful practice to transform the psyche.  In my dance practice I weave my passion for music, my life long experience with dance, my studies in body-mind therapy, and my personal spiritual practice to create a container for deep exploration, magical awakenings and profound medicine.  

I have trained in Traditional Mexican Medicine, Sobadas, Mayan Abdominal Therapy, Postpartum Healing, Holistic Pelvic Care, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Postpartum Care, Somatic Therapy, Shamanic Healing, Hypnosis, Reiki, Health Coaching, Breastfeeding support, Thai Massage and Sound Healing and I am currently on the path to becoming an herbalist. I believe each woman is different and needs a different approach to their healing process which is why I integrate all of these holistic practices to create individual protocols to help each woman on their own personal healing journey.  

I am fascinated by the capacity of the human body to heal and transform in so many different ways and levels.  My goal is to create a container for profound transformation,  radical self-care, embodiment, empowerment, and a catalyst for growth.