Creating a family is a magical experience. Whether you are in the first stages of considering having a baby or you have been trying to conceive for some time these offerings will help you build a strong and healthy vessel, creating the most optimal conditions for conception to occur.  There are many misconceptions around fertility and many factors that influence conception. My approach is to prepare your whole being – mind, body, soul – and to remove any blocks in the way of conception.  Book a free 15 min. phone consultation to determine what treatment is best for you.  


This radical self care program is designed to create the optimal conditions, both physically and mentally,  for you to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy.  We will work on many different levels for a true holistic path to health and vitality.   Along with physical healing aspects, this program is designed to create a deeper connection to your body, your womb, your sexuality and the creative and transformative power that is harnessed there, it is this same power that creates life.  This program is also about reconnecting with your cyclical nature through the menstrual cycle in order to restore your feminine vitality and hormonal health and to improve your fertility.  I have created this model of health with 6 branches which I believe are all an essential part of your path to conception.     


Having a healthy and strong physical vessel is essential for conception and sustaining a pregnancy.  Here we focus on food as personalized medicine for optimum hormonal health and vitality to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and a fast postpartum recovery.  This includes nutrition, herbs, supplements and tonics. 




We work with different body-mind therapy techniques to give us clarity on emotions, neurotic patterns and behaviours.  We will explore the root causes of these in order to obtain more freedom from unconscious patterns and more understanding of our daily emotions.  We will work on releasing the limiting beliefs related to conception, pregnancy and motherhood.  Hypnosis is one of the tools we will use to explore any emotional and mental blocks and to promote conception. 




Awareness is our capacity for self reflection and is an important part of the program to support and strengthen all the other branches.  We will work with different meditations and deep relaxation techniques to cultivate awareness. Practicing meditation and relaxation help rewire the nervous system, which provides many physical and psychological benefits to our overall health.  These are especially beneficial during pregnancy and postpartum.





We will work with different techniques from Eastern cultures (Taoist, Tantric, and Buddhist) that work with a different model of health which is often gentler and more focused on system support and optimization rather than response to pathological symptoms.  Working with various tools from these traditions we can support the energy of the body which acts as a support for all aspects of life.  This program focuses on elements to strengthen the reproductive system and optimize ovulation and implantation.


There are many bodywork techniques specific for women’s health, such as sobadas, pelvic work and vaginal steams, that are a core component of this program.  If we are working at a distance I will teach you these self-care practices so you can do them on yourself and I will help you find practitioners in your area for specific modalities that can support your process.


We will work on reconnecting with the womb, menstrual cycle and cyclical nature.  Our menstrual cycle is our fifth vital sign as it provides essential information on our overall  vital body functions.  By working with the menstrual cycle we can gain so much clarity and information of our reproductive health and our fertility.  On a deeper level working with the cycle we can access more wisdom and power from our womb to bring more flow and abundance by connecting with the earth and moon cycles.

This program begins with a 2 hr. initial consultation in which I will learn more about you and your health history and we will dive deeper into these six branches to create a personalized protocol according to your specific needs.  During our 3 months together we will have 8 sessions in person or online via Zoom.  You will receive handouts, videos and all the additional information you need to guide you in the process.  I will also be available for unlimited email support during the 3 months. 

Duration: 3 month – 8 sessions – 60-90min/session

Cost: $1,888 (payment plans available)

Womb & Abdominal Massage – Sobada

Womb massage and sobadas are therapeutic massage techniques based on the noninvasive manipulation of the abdominal and pelvic organs to guide them to their proper position and improve the blood, lymph and energy flow of the area to stimulate your overall health.  This ancient healing technique supports the body’s natural healing capacity by aligning the uterus, bladder, ovaries and clearing the fallopian tubes. This therapy helps aid digestion, balance hormones and improve stability of the pelvic floor.  Most digestive and reproductive issues such as fertility issues, uterine prolapse, PMS, menstrual issues, menopause, pelvic pain, endometriosis, ovarian cysts, incontinence, constipation and lower back pain greatly benefit from this therapy.  This profound therapy has been passed on through generations of healers from Mexico and South America.  

Duration: 90 min.

Cost: $150

“Andrea is true healer.  I was fortunate enough to find her after some months of trying to conceive.  I did multiple sessions of womb massage with her and with each session I could feel my womb healing on a very deep level.  Through these sessions she was able to reposition my uterus which helped improve my cycles and PMS and helped me conceive shortly after.  We also did some emotional and energetic work to clear blockages from my womb and help me work on some fears I had about becoming a mother.  I am 4 month pregnant now and I feel so blessed that I was able to work with Andrea.  I am convinced that our work together was pivotal for me to be able to get pregnant.” 

– Brooke M.