Heal your body
Ignite your power


Our womb is our core, our power center, our root; a portal to infinite potential, creativity and power.

Our womb has the capacity to create life and all things that we want to manifest.

Our womb is a gateway to the feminine. 

This course is about connecting with our womb and unleashing the wisdom and power that are contained here. 

In this course you will expand your capacity to connect with your body, feminine nature, creativity, pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and power of manifestation. 

In this course you will do deep healing work to align with your center, balance hormones, heal womb and pelvic issues, and release trauma. 

Do you feel disconnected from yourself, your body, your purpose and your power?

Are you constantly tired, depleted, lacking energy and checking out?

Do you feel like you want to lead a life with more creativity and passion? 

Do you have a difficult time setting boundaries and expressing your needs?

Do you suffer from pelvic pain, menstrual issues, hormonal imbalances, low libido and other reproductive health issues?

Are you ready to dive deeper into your personal healing in order to thrive and bring more joy to your life?


Week 1 – Foundation – Knowing our body is the first step to healing and creating a deeper connection with our body.  We begin with understanding the fundamentals of our womb and pelvic area, our anatomy, menstrual cycle, hormones, pelvic bowl, and the feminine principle.   

Week 2 – Energy –  Our sexual energy is our life force.  When it is stagnant or out of balance it will affect every aspect of our life.  We continue our exploration with the subtle anatomy and energetics of the womb and pelvic bowl.  We will explore different exercises to help cultivate and strengthen our sexual energy, clear stagnant energy and have access to this this energy in daily life.  

Week 3 – Nourishment – We will talk about different ways to nourish our womb, from our diet and nutrition to herbal remedies and self care practices.  

Week 4 – Lineage –  Our womb is our core and our center.  It is also a place that holds trauma.  In this session we will work on releasing trauma and clearing stagnant energy from our maternal and paternal lineages, as well as other connections from our past that are blocking our energy.  

Week 5 – Magic – I believe our womb is a superpower, however, most of us have never been taught to access it.  We will learn ways to connect with and unlock this power, how our womb connects us to the underworld, the earth and the dream space and how to awaken you innate power and healing magic.  

Week 6 – Manifestation – In this last session we will use all the knowledge and practices from the previous weeks to unleash the creative power of the womb and work on manifesting the things we want to create in our life.  

I like to work from an holistic and multidisciplinary perspective.  We will be working with a variety of healing practices and modalities such as functional nutrition, herbal medicine, shamanism, Tantra, somatic therapy, breathwork, dance, Chi Kung and Daoism.


The 6 week course includes:

– Weekly 2 hr live sessions on Zoom:
     Mondays, 5:30 – 7:30pm PST
     April 26
     May 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

– Access to a private community

– Bonus movement and breathwork sessions

All classes will be recorded and you will have access to them and other additional materials for one month after the last session. 


Early Bird Price – Before April 11 – $288 CAD

Regular Price – After April 11 – $333 CAD

Scholarships are available.  If finances are an obstacle please email me at andrea@mawomenshealth.com to ask about payment plans and/or scholarships.