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We are in the midst of a women’s health revolution.  Women are experiencing more and more reproductive health issues without finding adequate answers and solutions.  Infertility rates in developed countries are at an all time high.  Chronic issues such as endometriosis, fibroids and PCOS are on the rise and are becoming more debilitating and life altering.  New mothers are struggling with ongoing physical issues such as pelvic floor pain, incontinence or prolapse and emotional and identity struggles are more and more prominent. 

Yet while we are experiencing this health crisis, women are also becoming more empowered and more educated.  We are reclaiming our bodies and recovering our innate wisdom to heal ourselves.  We have realized that not all answers are found in the traditional medical system and that we have to search elsewhere to find tools that support our healing.  We are recovering ancestral wisdom that provides a wealth of body based knowledge that can heal us.   We are reconnecting with our bodies and finding solutions coming from within.  We are in a time of great opportunity to change, heal, evolve and thrive like never before.

is the archetypal sound and vibration of the feminine; the primordial essence of feminine power – the power of creation and transformation.

is a vision, an offering, a community, a safe space, an intent, a health revolution.

From menarche to menopause, my goal is to help women reconnect to their body, inner wisdom and personal feminine essence, restore their hormonal health and cyclical nature, recover their power, and expand their pleasure.  is a holistic approach to healing, using ancestral healing practices and modern knowledge to achieve optimal health – physical, emotional and spiritual. Through bodywork, nutrition, somatic therapy, energy work and other modalities we create a unique plan to fit your needs.  In this alchemical healing process we work together to bring forth your innate healing knowledge and capacity.  With radical self care you take back your own health and become your own healer.   

Sexual and Reproductive Health



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“Andrea’s treatments are transformational.  I have experienced many of her offerings and after each one my husband always comments “I love when you do sessions with Andrea, you always come back like you’ve peeled back another layer of yourself”.  Her depth in Traditional Medicine is what resonates so easily with me; a true wise woman ready to witness with a clear heart, providing a necessary and sacred rite-of-passage…the type of healing which reaches the very soul of your journey.  Thank you for all of it, Andrea.” – Jodi H.




Andrea Terrones


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