I'm Andrea. This is a path of feminine embodiment.

About Me

I am a mother, wife, healer, dancer and educator. I am passionate about the human body - it’s intricate and complex biological functions; the alchemical processes that sustain our vessel; how our tissues move and respond to each other; how thought patterns shape our being; how emotions arise and manifest; how energy flows; how our psyche develops and transforms; how we can make conscious the unconscious; how all of these parts are interconnected and how we have unlimited potential for transformation and growth.  

I am fascinated by how all these aspects of our being are so intricately woven together and how I get to create unique, bespoke maps for healing with each one of my clients. 

I believe in an individualized holistic approach to healing by understanding the unique complexities of each individual and working with multiple layers of the self.  I promote radical body sovereignty and responsibility so that each person can take charge of their health and become their own healer. 

I am devoted to the feminine. I believe that through feminine embodiment practices I can help women reconnect with their bodies and recover their personal power.

I work at the intersection of traditional healing modalities and modern science. I am on a path to recover the ancestral healing practices from my Mexican indigenous lineage.

I have always been a dancer. I believe movement is a powerful practice to transform the psyche. I weave my passion for music and dance, my somatic therapy practice and spiritual path to create dance containers for deep exploration, magical awakenings and profound medicine.  

I do hands on, hands in womb, pelvic and abdominal bodywork, somatic psychotherapy, functional nutrition and medicine and shamanic healing.  

My goal is to create containers for profound transformation, radical self-care, feminine embodiment, and catalysts for growth. 

Working with the bones, muscles, fascia, organs, ligaments and tissues we can bring balance, alignment and flow.  


Tissues / Bodywork

Working with hormones, minerals, vitamins and nutrients in your body we can promote healing by repairing and restoring at a cellular level.  


Chemistry / Functional Medicine and Nutrition

Working with the emotions that are held in body and unconscious patterns of behaviour we can create more freedom and flow.  


Emotions / Body-Mind Therapy

Working with various levels of the energy body to heal the most subtle and deepest levels of our experience.


Energy / Shamanic Healing

My Approach

Siri B.

Andrea is an alchemist with a unique and powerful ability to draw from allopathic disciplines, ancient traditions and intuitive insights.  She is an exceptional healer, her intelligence only match by her intuition and grace.

Jodi H.

Andrea’s treatments are LIFE Changing. Her depth in Traditional Medicine is what resonates so easily with me; a true wise woman ready to witness with a clear heart, provide a necessary and sacred rite of passage… the type of healing which reaches the very soul of your journey.  


My work with Andrea was an integral part of my journey into motherhood, allowing me to enter postpartum recovery feeling supported, cared for and seen. Whether it was body work, energy work, herbal healing or sharing my birth story, I truly felt safe and held in compassion. Andrea is a rare gem in that she is truly talented, skilled and studied in all modes of therapy and healing that she offers.