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Together we will create a personal retreat for your needs.  This is an opportunity for you to disconnect from your daily life, travel to a beach front location in Mexico and receive daily sessions, spa visits and time at the beach.  

  • 2-3 hour daily bodywork sessions 
  • Daily spa sessions with sauna, steam room and jacuzzi
  • Integration sessions with hypnosis and body based therapy

This is an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a healing process and sink deep into your body.   



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From menarche to menopause and beyond, womb continuum care is a holistic, integrative, hands-on, hands-in approach to women’s healthcare. Becoming a womb continuum practitioner is a call to serve women, a passion to hold space for women in their most potent medicine through all of their life stages.  

  • 18 month long training 
  • Weekly zoom classes
  • 4 in person retreats in Mexico
  • Mentorship

Women’s health care is meant to be in the hands of women.  This training is an offering in service to that.  


WOMB CONTINUUM Professional Training

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Village is a global community for mothers to connect, support each other and receive guidance from experts, healers and elders.  An online retreat space with a combination of pre-recorded conversations and live events.

  • Online community
  • Pre-recorded conversations with leading experts in postpartum health
  • Live guided embodiment sessions

Everyone says “it takes a village” and yet isolation in the postpartum time has become one of the greatest issues for mothers. 


Village - A Postpartum Retreat

This self paced course provides a map on how to best support women emotionally, physically and energetically during the postpartum.  I talk about the basic needs of a new mother in order for her to thrive and experience radiant health.  I provide multiple self care tools, home remedies, nourishing recipes and how to prepare the household for the best transition into motherhood. 

  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Nutrition and recipe handouts
  • Postpartum plan 
  • Access to bi-weekly Q&A live sessions

In the Ayurveda tradition they say “40 days for 40 years," meaning the way you take care of yourself during the first 40 days postpartum will determine your health for the next 40 years. 


THRIVE - Mapping your postpartum recovery course

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Siri B.

Andrea is an alchemist with a unique and powerful ability to draw from allopathic disciplines, ancient traditions and intuitive insights.  She is an exceptional healer, her intelligence only match by her intuition and grace.

Jodi H.

Andrea’s treatments are LIFE Changing. Her depth in Traditional Medicine is what resonates so easily with me; a true wise woman ready to witness with a clear heart, provide a necessary and sacred rite of passage… the type of healing which reaches the very soul of your journey.  


My work with Andrea was an integral part of my journey into motherhood, allowing me to enter postpartum recovery feeling supported, cared for and seen. Whether it was body work, energy work, herbal healing or sharing my birth story, I truly felt safe and held in compassion. Andrea is a rare gem in that she is truly talented, skilled and studied in all modes of therapy and healing that she offers.